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*IMPROVED RECIPE* - NEKTON Pollen Power with Oregano

NEKTON-Pollen Power now with oregano

Mixed pollen are diverse in their composition. They naturally contain short-chain proteins, up to 20 amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and trace elements such as iron, copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, sulfur and calcium. In addition, vitamin C, vitamin B1, 2, 6, 12 as well as vitamins A, D, E, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, plant hormones and many other positive substances. Pollen supports the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the blood count. They also promote vitality and well-being and the diverse composition of bee pollen help the bird's body to better absorb the nutrients in the food. They are also a natural vaccine and can prevent disease. The health-promoting effect of pollen is supported and strengthened by the use of oregano. Oregano is an aromatic and very medicinal plant. It is one of the most powerful and effective herbs and is used very successfully and frequently in agriculture as a feed supplement. Oregano contains valuable fiber, essential oils, bitter substances and tannins, the composition of which varies from plant to plant. Oregano acts as a powerful natural antibiotic. Most of the harmful bacteria are already resistant to artificially produced antibiotics. The advantage of oregano is that the bacteria cannot adapt to it. In addition, oregano can have a blood circulation and anti-inflammatory effect. It's also rich in antioxidants and can protect cells from free radicals. Oregano can have a positive effect on the digestive system, stimulate appetite, stimulate the secretion of bile and enzymes in the intestinal area and the natural intestinal flora. This allows the digestive process and feed conversion to be optimized.

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