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NEKTON-Biotin & NEKTON-S with flowing-material during production

How does NEKTON keep powdered vitamin supplements such as NEKTON-Biotin and NEKTON-S free-flowing over the long term?

For some time it has been found that strong temperature fluctuations and high humidity during the transport of our products to our customers destroy the flowability of powdered vitamin supplements NEKTON-Biotin and NEKTON-S.

In general, all powders are very hygroscopic (“love” water) and easily absorb moisture from the ambient air. As a result of the binding of water, the powdered vitamin supplement stick together and clump, which can ultimately impair the appearance of the products (this even happens in originally closed and sealed product bottles). This can be prevented by adding various flow substances, which can increase the flowability of the powder. So that hygroscopic powder does not clump together and the product quality of our products remains stable in the extreme environmental conditions, it was decided to manufacture the products NEKTON-Biotin and NEKTON-S with a small amount of flow substance – Sepiolite.

Sepiolite is a rock mineral that is used in many ways in the pet food industry. It is a hydrous magnesium silicate with additional hydroxide ions. Sepiolites were formed in the Ice Age, when different layers of rock were compressed. Sepiolite is a natural mineral product which, due to its structure of the molecules, hardly binds other substances in the vitamin premixes and is therefore suitable for specific applications. Due to its structure, sepiolite has a large absorption surface and therefore a large moisture absorption capacity. Sepiolite has a very low CEC value, is an inert substance, which means that it can hardly bind or exchange other molecules. This property makes the substance a suitable flow material especially for vitamins and vitamin premixes.

In addition, the use of sepiolite as a flow material increases the stability and shelf life of the premixes.

Sepiolite has also been shown to have beneficial effects on the growth and feed efficiency of various pets.

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