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Why does the product NEKTON-Lori settle out shortly after mixing with water?

Our NEKTON-Lori was specially developed for the Lori parrots, which in nature largely feed on liquid food in the form of flower nectar, plant sap and pollen. The composition and the liquid structure of the finished nutrient solution are strictly oriented toward natural parameters. Furthermore, NEKTON-Lori takes into account the special structure of these birds' digestive tracts and the tongue.

NEKTON-Lori also takes into account the special structure of the digestive tract and the tongue of loris. Lories have a long, narrow tongue whose tip is densely covered with brush-like papillae. When a lorikeet sticks its tongue into the prepared solution, these papillae will bulge. The nectar sticks to it and is thus sucked up. When it is pulled back, the tongue is pressed against the roof of the mouth and the liquid, sticky nectar is caught in the folds of the skin.

After mixing NEKTON-Lori with water, a sediment forms. During feeding, the bird takes this sediment from the feeding bowl and pulls the tongue back into the beak. This process is repeated several times in rapid succession when eating. When retracted, the tongue is cleaned with the water located on top, which prevents the beak from sticking.

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