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Why is a healthy gut so important for cats?

Indigestion is not uncommon in cats. The causes are varied and often not exactly known. Many digestive problems occur with illness, stress, or after antibiotic treatments. But also changes in feed or incorrect feeding (cold feed, high in sugar or fat) are often cited as causes. As a result of these factors, the balance of the intestine is affected. The pH value and the composition of the important intestinal flora are changed, to which the organism can react sensitively. However, a constant environment in the intestine is important for its function - the best possible utilization of food.

The intestine is not only responsible for the utilization of food and the excretion of indigestible residues. This also has a major impact on the immune system and the health of other organs. About 80% of the immune cells of the entire body are formed in the intestine. They produce antibodies that can bind and neutralize pathogens. The gut is supported by gut bacteria in this defense. As in humans, these microorganisms produce, among other things, vitamins, essential amino acids, antibiotic substances, enzymes, hormones and short-chain fatty acids, which, among other things, serve to supply the intestinal mucosa. A healthy and balanced microflora can limit the proliferation of potential pathogens, strengthen the animal's immune system, improve absorption of vital nutrients and can increase resistance to pathogenic bacteria, toxins and stress. This shows how important a healthy gut is to a cat's well-being.

In order to support your cat's health in a completely natural way and to bring the immune system back into balance, NEKTON has developed a supplementary feed - NEKTON-Biotic-Cat.

NEKTON-Biotic-Cat helps to stabilize the intestinal flora and uses purely natural active ingredients. It contains Enterococcus faecium bacteria which promote healthy digestion of food. The added vegetable ingredients such as ground flaxseed, oat bran, psyllium, Jerusalem artichoke and apple pomace are rich in fiber and facilitate digestion in a gentle way and help to calm the intestines. They have a prebiotic effect and serve as an important source of food for the beneficial intestinal bacteria. This encourages their growth.

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