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ART.NR.: 279100

NEKTON-Dog Natural-Plus

Complementary feed for dogs on a natural basis with L-carnitine

€ 10.49/Pcs.
100g = € 10.49

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Brewer’s yeast, carrot powder, rice starch, barley grass, linseed, papaya leaves, Ascophyllum (seaweed powder), sodium chloride, dandelion, beetroot, rapeseed oil, leek powder, asparagus powder

Analytical constituents:

Crude ash 7.8 %, crude fiber 7.6 %, crude protein 10.6 %, crude fat 2.5 %, calcium 1.6 %, sodium 2.0 %, phosphorus 0.3 %

Nutritional additives:


Without added sugar and flavorings, free from gluten and lactose.


Product description

NEKTON-Dog Natural plus is a completely new and useful feed supplement which exclusively contains natural ingredients which are suitable to improve convenience feeds. These vital substances, known as "secondary plant substances" or "bio-active substances", have positive effects on purely nutritional functions regarding general vitality or fitness, for digestive and utilization-supporting effects in organisms. Thus, they also protect against negative external influences. The positive effects of bio-active substances have been well tested for animals and human. NEKTON-Dog Natural plus is often used to carefully compensate for irregularities in digestion, such as diarrhea or obstipation, as a natural additive to raw feeding or to upvalue the daily food or convenience food.

Feeding recommendation

Mix the following amounts in to food daily:

  • Dogs up to 10 kg > 1g (measuring spoon) of NEKTON-Dog Natural plus
  • Dogs up to 25 kg > 2g (two measuring spoons) of NEKTON-Dog Natural plus
  • Dogs from 25 kg > 3g (three measuring spoons) of NEKTON-Dog Natural plus

… mixed with daily ration.

Sprinkle on the feed


NEKTON-Dog Natural plus should be stored dry and out of sunlight, between 15 °C and 25 °C.


Keep away from children


Disinfect drinking vessels and food containers daily with NEKTON-Desi-Care to guarantee hygienic and clean feed!

Do not refrigerate

Store dry

Store away from direct sunlight

This completely new compound, in contrast to the previous basic philosophy of NEKTON products, is not only about addition nutritional additives such as vitamins, trace elements or amino acids. These are nutritional active ingredients or micro-nutrients which are needed for retaining full-value rations. In NEKTON-Dog Natural plus, a completely new and useful complementary concept is pursued. It particularly contains natural substances in addition to natural levels of nutrients and active ingredients, which are scientifically known as "secondary plant substances". These vital substances also have positive effects on purely nutritional functions regarding general well-being or wellness, for digestive and utilization-supporting measures in organisms and thus also protects against negative external influences. The effects of bio-active substances have been well tested for animals and the findings have been frequently transfered to humans. Even transfers of available assessments of an animal species to others are scientifically possible within the framework of biological observations, because all animal cells (including those of humans) and many tissues or organ systems in the animal kingdom work in exactly the same way.

NEKTON-Dog Natural plus:

  • Ensures improved digestion
  • Support utilization of nutrients and active substances
  • Contributes to maintaining fitness
  • Positively intervenes in the intestinal flora (intestinal microbes)
  • Helps to maintain the required bodily functions (physiological processes)
  • Is an animal wellness product and "functional feed"

and contains high levels of well-measured, refined vital substances thanks to its diverse composition.

In detail:

We provide the following documented effect relationships and substance-based relationships for nutritional specialists and pet owners who are interested in science.
Yeast, as a fine powder, complements the protein spectrum of the staple diet with valuable amino acids. Other features are naturally concentrated vitamin B complex and positive fibers from yeast cell walls.

Rice starch helps regulate the internal environment in the gastrointestinal tract and provides a favorable pH-value. Thus, hyperacidity in the intestine can be counteracted. As well usable energy source rice starch can be absorbed 100% in the intestines of dogs.

Calcium citrate is an organic calcium compound which provides good absorbable calcium for maintaining bone and tooth structure, and delivers citrate as quick available source of energy to the organism. Moreover, sodium chloride provides a support electrolyte imbalance.

Dandelion is particularly distinguished by its high content of fructan prebiotics and the substance inulin is in the foreground with powder from the sunroot tubers. Inulin promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and in this way promote your dog's digestion.

The seaweed ascophyllum also offers pre-biotic "fibers" from the cell walls, particularly the so-called "ß-glucans", in addition to valuable ocean minerals and the trace element iodine. They also feed the "good" intestinal bacteria.

Beetroot is used in NEKTON-Dog Natural plus as a natural supplier of micronutrients and trace elements such as iron, vitamin B, folic acid and potassium. The red color is caused in beetroot of betaine. Betaine is a vitamin-like red dye, which serves to heart, blood vessels and liver protection and is known to prevent against dementia.

Asparagus is distinguished by is high natural content of desirable fructooligosacchariden (FOS), its influences on sensitive intestinal occupants and thus belongs to the prebiotics. A healthy intestinal flora is also a prerequisite for a properly functioning immune system.

The same applies to leeks with regard to its high-quality FOS and added effective essential oils, scents and flavors. They stimulate the digestive juices together with the asparagus aromas.

With their carotinoids (lycopene, lutein and ß-carotene), barley grass and carrots offer true cell protection radical scavenger and natural antioxidants. In addition, beta-carotene as provitamin A and lutein are important for the function of the eyes.

Papaya contains especially in green areas the digestive enzyme papain, which provides additional assistance in the digestion of meat and protein-rich food. Thus directly facilitates the digestion of your dog. A well-functioning digestive greatly contributes to the well-being of your dog.

Rapeseed oil contains in comparison to other oils a very high proportion of the important unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, such as α-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, from which the organism of the dog can synthesize all essential fatty acids. The various target organs and cell effect systems for fatty acids are now known and popular, whereby skin and hair/coats are in the foreground.

NEKTON-Dog Natural plus - the combination of vital nutrients is crucial!