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What's the difference between NEKTON-Rep & NEKTON-Multi-Rep?

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What's the difference between NEKTON-Rep & NEKTON-Multi-Rep?

NEKTON-Rep is a basic multivitamin supplement for molting reptiles (such as frogs and snakes). It has a high proportion of vitamin A and thus increases the skin formation rate and promotes the functionality of the mucous membranes and the entire energy metabolism.

NEKTON-Multi-Rep is a basic vitamin supplement for armored, non-shedding reptiles and amphibians. Secures the basic needs of the animals. It has a low concentration of vitamin A and is therefore particularly suitable for armored, non-skinned reptiles and amphibians. Too high a vitamin A content can soften the shell, which is why our NEKTON-Multi-Rep is recommended for your amphibian turtle.

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