I have 2 green cheeked conures which are 5 months old. I want to buy nekton E and S for them. How many days in a month should I use NEKTON E and S for them?

NEKTON-S is a basic vitamin compound and is administered every day (or at least twice a week) all year round. NEKTON-S contains all essential vitamins and is additionally enriched with amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Ideal in alternation with NEKTON-MSA, which supports and supplies metabolism and bones, activates metabolism and helps to compensate for damage caused by calcium deficiencies.

NEKTON-E primarily improves the fertility of the animals, the survival rate of the embryos and the viability of the hatched young animals.
It is therefore recommended to start giving NEKTON-E about 3 weeks before breeding and to continue giving it during breeding (daily). When the first egg is laid, NEKTON-E will no longer be given. Otherwise, excessive instincts on the part of the male could lead to disturbances in the breeding process.

Last update on 2021-09-13 by Florian Atlas.

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