How is NEKTON Keep Cool served? Mix in the dry food? Or put in the water? Or is a completely different method used here?

It is advisable not to administer NEKTON-Keep-Cool with water, as the compound contains natural components that are not water-soluble. If you feed your dog dry food, it is recommended that you spray the food with slightly warm water and then dust it with NEKTON-Keep-Cool. In this case, the powder adheres perfectly to the food and is taken without any problems. Spraying the food also has other advantages: firstly, dogs take in enough liquid at the same time, which is particularly important for dogs that generally drink too little. Secondly, the sprayed dry food no longer swells in the stomach, which means that the animals suffer less from stomach pain. For dogs with dental problems, soft food is also recommended.

Last update on 2022-02-01 by Florian Atlas.

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