What is the difference between NEKTON-MSA and NEKTON-Calcium-Plus and when do I use which product?

NEKTON-MSA is a highly effective mineral supplement to support the metabolism, prevents rickets and strengthens the bone structure. NEKTON-MSA is for year-round feeding (except during breeding).

NEKTON-Calcium-Plus is administered only during breeding, until the chicks are hatched and in case of deficiency symptoms. A bird needs a lot of calcium during egg formation, so NEKTON-Calcium-Plus is ideal for preventing calcium deficiency during this time and replenishing the calcium balance.

The Calcium-lactate in NEKTON-Calcium-Plus is faster to processed for the bird organism and therefore ideal in case of calcium deficiency. Already existing deficiency symptoms can be treated quickly.

Last update on 2019-05-15 by Marko Orhanovic.

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