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Introduction of our new biologists Dr. Kurt Lächler

2016-02-11, 10:56 by Janine Kohl

Dear NEKTON-Customers as a biologist of Nekton GmbH I would like to introduce myself. Since September 2015 I am responsible for the development and improvement of innovative products in our company and for the purchase of our high-quality raw materials. Here I use the latest scientific findings and my own experience in animal husbandry to improve NEKTON products further and to develop new products that meet the needs of animals. The first product developed by me is our “NEKTON-Baby-Bird”, a complete feed for hand-rearing nestlings. It will be available shortly. More new NEKTON products are planned in the following weeks, such as a food supplement for dogs and cats for B.A.R.F.-feeding as well as a probiotic food supplement. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions and suggestions. I look very much forward to be working with you.

 Best regards  Your Dr. Kurt Lächler


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