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Our new NEKTON products are now available: NEKTON-Biotic-Bird and NEKTON-Baby-Bird

2016-03-29, 4:06 by Janine Kohl

Our new NEKTON products are now available!
We are very happy to announce our new products:

is a food supplement with probiotic bacteria that improves the enzymatic digestion in the intestines of birds and promotes a healthy composition of the crop and intestinal flora....
Ideal for digestive problems and for regeneration after antibiotic treatments. Also during the breeding is this an guaranteed optimum nutrient supply.
NEKTON-Biotic Bird is available in the following sizes:
50g, 100g, 250g

is a water soluble food for hand-rearing of bird chick. The nutrients to ensure a healthy development of circulation, joints and organs.
Micronutrients strengthen the immune system, pre- and probiotic ingredients promote healthy goitre and intestinal development. There is no additional food needed.
NEKTON Baby Bird is available in the following sizes:
400g, 750g, 3000g


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