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NEKTON Baby-Bird

2017-02-09, 9:58 by Janine Kohl

NEKTON-Baby-Bird is a complete feeding for the successful hand-rearing of all bird chicks. In this product the latest scientific findings in the rearing of young birds have been implemented. NEKTON-Baby-Bird meets the needs of all essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. Many of these nutrients are included in a highly receptive form, whereby their availability is significantly increased what facilitates digestion.

High-quality natural products such as rose hips and pollen also provide numerous phytonutrients that promote a healthy development of blood circulation, joints and organs. By using herbal components NEKTON-Baby-Bird is geared to the natural diet of birds. In addition, herbal ingredients have a strengthening effect on the immune system of young birds. The high-quality vegetable oils in NEKTON-Baby-Bird deliver all the vital unsaturated fatty acids.

NEKTON-Baby-Bird contains probiotic bacteria that promote a healthy development of the craw and intestinal flora of bird chicks. Prebiotic components in NEKTON-Baby-Bird also have a positive effect on the composition of the intestinal flora, whereby an optimal digestion of nutrients is ensured.

Mixed with water in the correct proportion NEKTON-Baby-Bird gives a slightly metered homogeneous mush. The mush is thereby mixed with handwarm water (38-40 °C), so vitamins, enzymes and probiotic bacteria are retained in full content. This is important in order to keep the high quality of the rearing feed.


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