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Nekton is supporting in 2014 with a Christmas donation

2014-12-18, 1:37 by Thomas Enderle

The WILDPARK (deer park) Pforzheim:

At the Wildpark you can discover about 70 different native wildlife and farm animals from alpacas to miniature goats. The 17-acre Wildpark attracts over 500,000 visitors per year and is open all year around. Admission is free. Visitors arriving by car only pay a moderate parking fee. New investments and improvements of the Wildpark Pforzheim are funded by donations.

NEKTON adopted a sponsorship of five species for 2015 living in the Wildpark Pforzheim.
Please find more details about those five species here on our web site in the beginning of 2015.

The Tierheim (animal shelter) Pforzheim:

Each year about 1500 dogs, cats and small home animals are searching for a new home and find a place to live at the Tierheim Pforzheim. Injured, sick or helpless wild animals also find a shelter. Volunteers take care of the wild animals and get them ready for their lives back in freedom. The shelter operation consumes around 550,000 euros annually. This amount is covered by membership fees, donations and legacies. We are happy to be able to support the Tierheim Pforzheim with a Christmas donation.

The „Sterneninsel“Kinder und Jugendhospitzdienst („Island of stars“children and youth hospice services) Pforzheim und Enzkreis e.V.:

Team members of “Sterneninsel” (Island of Stars) each day aid in the field of ambulant hospice care for children and juveniles in the greater Pforzheim area. With a high personal dedication and compassionate care, the trained staff members of “Sterneninsel” set themselves a task which is not really spoken about in public. This is also why we gladly support the team of “Sterneninsel” with a Christmas donation this year again.

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