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Special vitamin supplement for birds to support stressful situations and by nervousness


NEKTON-Relax is a special vitamin supplement for birds on a natural basis to support stressful situations and by nervousness. This innovative product ensures peace and relaxation for birds thanks to a successful combination of natural ingredients.

NEKTON-Relax contains natural components, such as chamomile, hop, valerian root and lavender as well as B vitamins and the amino acid L-tryptophan. They promote the production of serotonin in the brain and support birds which are nervous and restless, as well as keeping them calm in fearful or stressful situations.

• NEKTON-Relax supports the bird's organism to experience stressful situations more calmly
• NEKTON-Relax has not numbing or impeding effects
• NEKTON-Relax can also help to minimize aggressive behavior
• NEKTON-Relax is not medication
• NEKTON-Relax is suitable for long-term administration to consolidate the animal's positive experiences

As a first step, a veterinarian should determine that the occurrence of aggression and atypical behavior, such as excessive screaming, is not due to a physical illness. Birds can also perceive a non-species-specific form of husbandry as stress. In this case it has to be determined what exactly triggers the aggressive and atypical behavior and how the environment of the bird should be adapted. NEKTON-Relax supports the bird organism with the help of the highly effective substances it contains to experience stressful situations more calmly.

Please note:

• The full effects of NEKTON-Relax develop after solid administration after around 4 weeks or less and is suitable for long-term administration
• The first step should be to have a vet determine that symptoms are not due to a serious physical illness

Feeding recommendation

• Small birds should be given 0,5 g (½ NEKTON-spoon) NEKTON-Relax per day
• Medium-sized birds 1 g (1 NEKTON-spoon) NEKTON-Relax per day
• Birds the size of parrots should get 1-2 g (1 – 2 NEKTON-spoons) NEKTON-Relax per day

Administer the recommended daily dose in soft food. It is advisable not to administer NEKTON-Relax with water, as the compound contains natural components that are not water-soluble.

Storage: NEKTON-Relax should be stored dry and out of sunlight, between 15° and 25°C.

Recommendation: Disinfect drinking vessels and food containers daily with NEKTON-Desi-Natural to guarantee hygienic and clean feed!


Beer yeast, Calcium carbonate, Hop, Chamomile, Valerian root, Lavender

Nutritional additives per kg:
L-Tryptophan 49.000 mg, Taurine 40.000 mg, Niacinamide 8.000 mg, Vitamin B6 2.000 mg, Folic acid 15 mg, Vitamin B12 400.000 µg

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