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Minerals and vitamins as feed supplements for your reptiles. You can feed gecko, iguana and co. with our supplements.

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Vitamin & mineral compound for all reptiles, especially ideal for shell carriers

from € 5.95


Multi-vitamin compound for reptiles and amphibians

from € 7.49


Vitamin and development compound for green iguanas and herbivores and frugivore reptiles

from € 11.49


Highly-effective calcium compound enriched with vitamin D3 for all reptiles

from € 4.95


Calcium supplement for all reptiles and amphibians

from € 4.95


Feed material for all reptiles and amphibians

from € 5.49


Development compound for reptiles

from € 9.49


Pollen in pharmaceutical quality for herbivorous reptiles

from € 14.95

NEKTON Crested Gecko with Banana

Complete feed specially for crested geckos

from € 14.95

NEKTON Crested Gecko sweet Mango high Protein

Complete feed with dry honey, high protein content

from € 14.95

NEKTON Crested Gecko Breed & Growth with fig

Complete feed especially for Crested Geckos during the breeding and growth phase

from € 14.95

NEKTON-Drosophila breeding concentrate

Concentrate for mixing, for the simple breeding of fruit flies

from € 7.95

NEKTON-Cricket breeding concentrate

Complete feed for crickets

from € 6.95


Highly-effective mineral compound for pet birds, reptiles and amphibians

from € 5.49


Removes viruses, bacteria and fungi

from € 4.05